Day 3 of POSSE

As if to add to my sense of purpose, it happened that my department’s newest prof, Gary Marsden, gave his inaugural lecture last night with a strong emphasis on the human aspect of computing, and the fact that 80% of digital access devices in the world are handheld. UCT is a world leader in researching mobile usage where they are the only digital access.

Meanwhile I also had my first constructive comment on this blog. Matt cautioned me about my euphoric tone and apparent naïveté, and I responded that things were not as extreme as they might seem. Since I have an “exit strategy” in the sense that my (mini-) dissertation doesn’t depend on roll-out or completion of the GSM interface, but rather of my own background research and field trial, I am not endangered by potential success in the open-source dimension.

In fact such success seemed also to commence today, as the POSSE afternoon session was joined by Antoine, who is working on open-sourcing the very type of gateway systems (GSM to HTTP) which in my dissertation project, would be achieved with the help of one or perhaps two commercial service providers. Furthermore he is acquainted with CES and convinced of its potential to unleash grassroots enterprise.

Not that I confined myself to talking about my project; today I also created its sourceforge account and its IRC channel…

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2 Responses to Day 3 of POSSE

  1. Matt says:

    Hi Michael,

    I didn’t mean to imply naïveté on your part at all — you inserted that for me. I’ve received the advice to “keep my eye on the prize” at a number of points in my own schooling, and it is always *after* the fact that the reasoning becomes clear.

    You’ll find the balance that works for you. Do well, and enjoy POSSE!

    • michaelgraaf says:

      Hi Matt,

      I was not offended, even if I projected something onto you. In fact that was obviously my own perception of myself after reading your cautionary words. After all naïveté is not a sin.

      Regards, Michael

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