Day 2 – terminal velocity.

Today we looked at and played with version control systems. For this we had to use Linux command-lines; since there’s still no 32-bit Fedora LiveCD available, I remained in Ubuntu (my BIOS can’t see bootable flashdrives). However, the difference between the systems came down to substituting “apt-get” for “yum“. I also had to reconfigure to use a faster mirror – installing publican (a build app) from (Linux Enthusiasts’ Group) was slow (on UCT campus you have no option, but it works faster there). Once it finished, I immediately asked my Ubuntu system to find a faster server, and it soon reported that the best would be (Stellenbosch University). Then, installing git, it went faster. The difference between an official university service and an amateur one! Alas, UCT’s IT infrastructure is dominated by corporate zombies who seem to be hoping for this Ubuntu thing to go away.

Lunch was lasagna and butternut. After that we did patches – mine was an improvement in the documentation for Sugar On A Stick (SoaS). Then we had a look at opensource community translation methods and structures.

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