Off to a flying start…

Although I arrived late I was able to join right in, since the content of the first session, history of FOSS, was familiar to me. Then we started getting to grips with IRC, Etherpad etc. – collaboration tools. So far so good. Lunchbreak is about to end…

…but before it did, I was able to test my newly installed Skype & headset, calling my colleague in the CES project. I am working with him to create a GSM interface for the website ( That’s my dissertation project as a Masters student at UCT, although the CES itself has nothing to do with UCT. My CES colleague even had a webcam, so I could see him, although not vice versa…

…so, after lunch we practiced using wiki pages, but for the sake of experience we had to get others to edit our wiki pages, communicating with them by IRC. We were uploading pics to our wikis too. A few stragglers came in after lunch!

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